What is this?

A personal exploration into monetizing the creative act of evolution into self. Creating a sacred liminal place in which life as an artist exists.

I make art because words aren’t enough to emote transcending beyond this plane of existence, communicating with our true essence and bring it back in the form of beauty.  

*******transending  time and space to bring this beauty into the  world******

12/20/24 No.17 -  Connective creativity  

A simple mark

A bad painting

Your favorite color

Micro and macro bit of information

Unsure where it will lead you

Only that each day you create with a childlike wonder

Then boom the zigs and zags all lead up to your favorite piece

Think quick on your toes

Watch where the wind blows you

Aware of inspiration

A total surrender to the unifying force of all things  

12/20/24 No.15 -  Pheonix Rising 

Check the box

Watch the clock

How fast can you talk

Walk in line

Do your time

Climb the ladder

Just to be get sadder

Connect with divine

Dance with the cosmos  

Be a ripple in the sea

Time to shine

12/20/24 No.15 -  New me who this   

Deep breath live in the body

Dissociating for so long, what is this meat suit? 

Tired of feeling bad 

Rewire my brain to feel good 

Feeling good 

Dive into flow 

Speak with nature 

Free my soul

All are means of expression.

12/18/24 No.14 -  Times UP bitch  


What happens when your plan runs out?

When you had everything in your life figured out at age 16 but then you get past that point. Where now? 

Standing out at the edge of the cliff to somewhere you can’t even see yet. 

12/18/24 No.13 -  Rebirthing Process   

Invisibility cloak

But not the good kind 

Creating more masks to fit the mold 

You don't seem sick 

Your body and mind act in rebellion 

A deep down inner struggle 

To meet the external stamps of approval 

Coaxing accolades to find out they don’t mean shit 

How did my world get so dark? 

Was it the cloak?

Could you not find the strength to ask for help 

You put our soul in a cage 

Afraid to discover who you really are 

Finding it easier continue on the wheel 

Cloak comes off 

In a world where you don't fit 

Time to make your own

12/15/24 No.12 -  Look in the mirror baby 

I am you

You are me

I punch myself

Your in pain

A tree falls

You love yourself

A flower blooms

You fill with laughter

We have the power

Turns out we've had it all along

12/12/24 No.11 -  Come TOGETHERRR  

When will we all see

That we are all one 

That  we are the trees, the dirt, the soil. 

The dust particles floating in the air 

The electricity binds us all 

For what we can't see is what some say we can't believe

but maybe we can see

just not that the way we are used too.

12/12/24 No.10 - Looking at a pretty view   


We are everything and nothing all at once. 

Being will always triumph over doing. 


12/9/23 No.9 - Burnt out overachiever   


Is there any point in setting them? 

Or is it our conditioning trying to make sense of something we don't understand 

Is it limiting our potential?  

Setting a destination to the wrong coordinates 

Manifestation is real but surrender is too 

The constant dichotomy of human existence 

Destiny and free will 

Ultimately we'll all end up gracefully waltzing with the universe