What is this?

A personal exploration into monetizing the creative act of evolution into self. Creating a sacred liminal place in which life as an artist exists.

I make art because words aren’t enough to emote transcending beyond this plane of existence, communicating with our true essence and bring it back in the form of beauty.  

*******transending  time and space to bring this beauty into the  world******

3/12/24 No.23 -  Free Tinkerbell   



Dew drops


Plump lips

Warm jam

Swaying branch  

Tinkerbell escaped while catching dandelion seeds


2/20/24 No.23 - Night workers 

Morning sun kisses my face

Instant comfort

Stars fall into the sea

dancing all day


Night shift

Sprinkling stardust

Floating through the cosmos

2/20/24 No.22 -  LOOK UP  

Using words to paint

A moment in time

Cultivating magic

My thoughts swirl

Spiraling upward

Coming back to the same point

Only with deeper understanding  

Can't go backwards or forwards

Only be here no

2/12/24 No.21 - I never brush my hair   

When did being natural become unnatural?

Conditioned to not follow our own hearts

Follow the words of others

Not fitting into the footsteps  

Soil in my toes

Dirt under my fingernails

Frantically dancing freely in the woods

Strong in our desires

Connecting with goddesses

In all of us

2/20/24 No.20 -  Butchershop  


Tree limbs 

broken down 

and sold for parts. 

2/16/24 No.19 - “Serve somebody”  

Cloud passing by

Wipe a tear 

Purple butterfly 

Sensing spirit 

A practice 

Devotion to god 

But god is you 

Does that change things?

2/12/24 No.18 -  AGAIN?! Seriously?! 

The frustration bubbles

Running out

Like the change of season

How is it already time

A new iteration emerges through tension

Out grow yet another layer of skin

Being called to even bigger horizons that you don't know yet

Be still

Push through


A bunch of work you hate

Know it leading to that place

Your own essence is

Come its ready

Leave your thumbprint on the world

1/20/24 No.17 -  Connective creativity  

A simple mark

A bad painting

Your favorite color

Micro and macro bit of information

Unsure where it will lead you

Only that each day you create with a childlike wonder

Then boom the zigs and zags all lead up to your favorite piece

Think quick on your toes

Watch where the wind blows you

Aware of inspiration

A total surrender to the unifying force of all things  

1/20/24 No.15 -  Pheonix Rising 

Check the box

Watch the clock

How fast can you talk

Walk in line

Do your time

Climb the ladder

Just to be get sadder

Connect with divine

Dance with the cosmos  

Be a ripple in the sea

Time to shine